My career in the social spectrum began when I graduated from Varsity College in Public Relations & Communications Science and since then I have been working as a Social Media Manager and Online Community reporter for four years. My blogging passion began 4 years ago with posting daily inspirational and religious messages. However, my passion for fashion and beauty evolved into my current Fashion blog & YouTube Beauty channel.

You may ask why the name, “Canvas Fashion by Simone”? Well it was actually inspired by a quote I read which said “Fashion is an ART and YOU are the Canvas." I believe we are all blank canvases and what we wear is an art. So through my blog I aim to inspire the average woman, student or working mum by enhancing their image, building confidence and personal brand management using beauty tips and styling that have worked for me.

As an intern & stylist at Urban, I recall fondly shopping on what I called a petty cash budget hence the reason I stand by being a “blogger on a budget.” For me wearing the most expensive brands has never been my objective, don’t get me wrong I do have some amazing brand labels but it’s not about who you wearing for me, it’s about looking and feeling good. I find myself drawn to brands like Mr Price & Cotton On or local factory stores, not because I can’t afford the likes of  Zara’s & Hilton Wiener but because I prefer to get the looks for less and appeal to women who would like to keep up with fashion & beauty trends without breaking the bank.  Finding the most amazing products and producing my own “get the looks”, soon had my sisters’ university friends following me and wanting tips.
Before long I receive calls from friends & family for hair & makeup for weddings and my mom’s friends in corporate to be their personal shopper and stylist and provide beauty tips.
My video channel then kicked off and has been going for just over a year now. I started video blogging as a result of the demand to “Show and Tell”.  People wanted to recreate my beauty looks as they found I used affordable products that was easily accessible and they could watch my videos in the comfort of their homes. To be honest, it all began with a small point and shoot camera that could not auto focus, which was stacked on a pile of my sisters law books and I relied on the bad lighting from my bedroom lamp shade with my terrible eyebrow game. But I was adamant to upload the videos even if I received one view, I was so excited! Nevertheless I still seemed to receive amazing feedback and realized that more and more people started watching my videos which allowed me to save and buy a more professional camera with amazing lenses and lighting equipment.  Now I am able to film & produce the best content for my viewers and I feel so blessed to have the support from all my followers and viewers that I have gained, especially when I look back at how my videos were and the quality they are now.

Whilst I may not have thousands of followers yet like other bloggers – “Canvas Fashion by Simone” has enjoyed the confidence of both local and international brands approaching me to market their products.
In the process I have met amazing people and cemented some great relationships with awesome brands. Besides being approached by PR companies to present ideas on store launch competitions / giveaways and enjoy the benefits of new products or attending events. Blogging for me has never been about the glitz and glamor and freebies, it has always been to inspire. One bit of advice I can give to new upcoming bloggers is if you are passionate about something, then run with it. Find something that inspires you to inspire someone else, almost like paying it forward. Don’t start blogging for the fame and fortune, readers respond to realness.

So where to from here for Canvas Fashion. Well, I will remain the Durban blogger on a budget, hunting for the latest fashion and beauty products at an affordable rate, but there are some exciting developments in the pipeline to improve personal branding & image consulting and continue to partner with WOW brands. So if you’re not following me yet – please do, I’m Simone Slater from Canvas Fashion by Simone. Currently living in South Korea.


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